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Vince Villegas – Building a Real Estate Listing Machine

Shawn Mahdavi September 16, 2012

I know getting listings is on the mind of most agents today and for good reason…the ability to work less and make good money at the same time is very attractive. It’s probably the reason most of you got into real estate in the first place! Enter Vince Villegas…a guy that epitomizes an agent that’s living the perfect lifestyle. In this interview he tells his story about how he made it big and almost lost it all, then took action and built a listing empire that’s on auto-pilot. Enjoy



Vince Villegas is an Associate Broker with Keller Williams Realty; he has been licensed since 2002. After 6 straight years of doing business the “old fashion way” and killing himself working 90+ hours a week, Vince finally hit the wall in 2008 and went from selling 56 homes in 2007 to just 8 by October 2008.

It was then he faced the scariest decision in his life …either get out of the business or find a better way. He of course chose to find a better way; it was then he began his journey to understand the principles of long-term business success.

In 2010, after uncovering the secrets of a successful business, Vince finished #49 in Sales for Coldwell Banker North America and climbed to #27 in Sales by May 2011 (Villegas joined Keller Williams in August 2011) all while working an average 5 hours per week. Agents across North America have been taking note of his success and began seeking his knowledge..

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