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The Key to Building Momentum

Julie Baron Escobar March 22, 2012

As you start to read this article, please understand that keeping the momentum going is something that every real estate professional faces at some point in their career.  Floyd Wickman really puts it into perspective here when he writes about staying focused and having a balanced life.  Enjoy and make a comment below.

Keep Your Energy Level High and Your Expectations Low

By Floyd Wickman

If you’ve ever been part of a Floyd Wickman Program, you’ve probably heard me say, “Keep your energy level high and your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed.” It is advice that’s taken me through some tough times, helped me manage chaotic times and is a good reminder (especially to those in commissioned sales) to keep things in perspective during trying times.

In this business it can be too easy to get caught up in great expectations, spending those commission checks before they’ve come in and feeling the rug pulled out from under you when a deal goes south.  Disappointment weighs you down and can keep you there if you’re not careful.  It can also certainly be the push you didn’t need when slipping into a rut.

Steer clear of disappointment by changing your focus instead to big dreams and big energy as you push forward towards big goals.  Ask yourself:  What can you do today to increase your energy levels?  Can you exercise more and eat less junk?  Can you fuel your mind with positive thoughts and great affirmations?  Can you block out important, focused time with your family and good friends?  Remember it’s the little stuff that makes the big difference and gives you the ability to generate the energy needed to think big and accomplish great things.

It’s why we spend so much time in our training programs teaching sales professionals how to strike that balance between business, personal and family time.  It’s also why we teach that working 7 days a week, 365 days  a year is not an option.  It’s impossible to keep burn out at bay and your energy levels high if you’re never taking the time to recharge your batteries.  Believe me when I tell you, life’s way too short for that.

So if you’re like me and you like to dream big and think big – you’d just rather do it without all that disappointment – then make it a goal every day to get those energy levels up and those expectations down.  You may just be pleasantly surprised at how better life can be.

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