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How to Make Money and Save Time with Evernote

Melinda Enfinger January 20, 2014

Some people just seem to get more out of everything and Garry Wise of the Good Life Team in Austin, TX is the epitome of this truth. In his interview with Realbies Co-founder, Shawn Mahdavi, Garry shares some of the most powerful ways that he uses technology in his ultra-successful real estate business. Now, that… Continue Reading »


Save Time, Make Money, and Get Referrals with Garry Wise

Shawn Mahdavi July 29, 2013

Garry Wise of The Goodlife Team in Austin, Texas talks about how to become a Paperless Agent. In this interview Garry discusses how the save time, make money, and get more referrals with your iPad. EXCLUSIVE PAPERLESS TRAINING WEBINAR >> Not Open Right Now EXCLUSIVE PAPERLESS TRAINING WEBINAR >> Not Open Right Now Real estate… Continue Reading »


Marketing Targeted To Personality Types Increases Influence And Effectiveness

Melinda Enfinger June 15, 2012

Marketers devote countless hours and gobs of money to the continual improvement of their marketing messages.  In 2012, it is projected that nearly $530 billion will be spent on marketing campaigns worldwide.  The standard advice that you will hear from coaches, trainers, and experienced marketers is to focus on a particular demographic or niche, but… Continue Reading »


Drop That Old USB Stick for Dropbox

Nick Carpenter April 19, 2012

Do you remember floppy disks? How about rewritable CDs? What about zip disks? I remember those back in 2001 – 2003 timeframe. How about USB sticks? Do you remember when everyone carried around a 2gb USB drive? Wait, that’s what people are doing today. But why? I don’t know about you but my USB drive… Continue Reading »


Marketing Masters Interview with Jon Cheplak

Shawn Mahdavi March 9, 2012

On this Marketing Masters interview I interview a really great friend and mentor Jon Cheplak. The interview went in a total different direction than I expected and turned out to be one of the best ever. Jon discusses running a value based business. It’s a must hear. After many years of success in Jon’s real… Continue Reading »