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Marketing Masters Interview with Brent Gove

Shawn Mahdavi June 18, 2012

In this special interview, I have the honor to speak to Brent Gove.  Let me just first say that I highly respect Brent because he’s just a great person to be around.  Not only is he one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen present, his real estate business is absolutely crushing it in their marketplace (Sacramento, CA.)…. Continue Reading »


Marketing Masters Interview with Chad Goldwasser

Shawn Mahdavi April 4, 2012

This is a great interview with Chad Goldwasser and Melinda Enfinger.  Melinda asks Chad about how exactly he built his real estate business into a multi-million dollar empire in just a few years.  You quickly learn how having a vision and a winning attitude are important for any entrepreneur plus how having the right people in… Continue Reading »