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5 Power Systems for Real Estate Pros

Shawn Mahdavi December 14, 2014

This was a fun interview with expert mountaineer turned successful Realtor and real estate coach, Bob Cenk. Bob talks about how the challenges climbing mountains are very similar to building a real estate business. We also dive into his 5 Power Systems for real estate success. Bob is a very genuine guy. Enjoy this interview…. Continue Reading »


Dirk Zeller – 4 Strategies to Growing Your Real Estate Business

Shawn Mahdavi March 22, 2013

This interview is going down as one of my favorites…and for a few reasons. Most important of of those reasons is the fact that Dirk is a great alignment in my life. He’s a man of God, real estate champion, and all around do-gooder. In this interview Dirk and I get real about what it… Continue Reading »


Vince Villegas – Building a Real Estate Listing Machine

Shawn Mahdavi September 16, 2012

I know getting listings is on the mind of most agents today and for good reason…the ability to work less and make good money at the same time is very attractive. It’s probably the reason most of you got into real estate in the first place! Enter Vince Villegas…a guy that epitomizes an agent that’s… Continue Reading »


Jacob Swodeck – Mastering the Short Sale Game

Shawn Mahdavi September 7, 2012

You guys asked for a short sale expert so here you go! Jacob Swodeck took a few minutes to unleash his knowledge about short sales…how to do them, what to look for, and most importantly how to leverage resources in your marketplace to profit from this lucrative niche. Enjoy! Jacob Swodeck occupies a unique niche… Continue Reading »


Frank Patrick – Having a Profitable BPO and REO business

Shawn Mahdavi August 18, 2012

Frank Patrick “the REO Renegade” goes in depth on how to build a successful BPO/ REO business. He discusses how to get asset managers to give you BPO orders and REO listings. Did you know that being a know-it-all in REO is NOT what these asset management companies want? They’re looking for agents and brokers… Continue Reading »