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5 Power Systems for Real Estate Pros

Shawn Mahdavi December 14, 2014

This was a fun interview with expert mountaineer turned successful Realtor and real estate coach, Bob Cenk. Bob talks about how the challenges climbing mountains are very similar to building a real estate business. We also dive into his 5 Power Systems for real estate success. Bob is a very genuine guy. Enjoy this interview…. Continue Reading »


Save Time, Make Money, and Get Referrals with Garry Wise

Shawn Mahdavi July 29, 2013

Garry Wise of The Goodlife Team in Austin, Texas talks about how to become a Paperless Agent. In this interview Garry discusses how the save time, make money, and get more referrals with your iPad. EXCLUSIVE PAPERLESS TRAINING WEBINAR >> Not Open Right Now EXCLUSIVE PAPERLESS TRAINING WEBINAR >> Not Open Right Now Real estate… Continue Reading »


Josh Schoenly – 3 Principles of Lead Generation

Shawn Mahdavi March 19, 2013

Josh Schoenly with and Lone Wolf Technologies outdoes himself here. He breaks down lead generation into it’s simplest of form. The 3 principles that he reveals should be implemented not only by real estate agents but entrepreneurs all over the globe! Towards the end he gives us a little bonus content and talks about… Continue Reading »


Stacey Harmon – Facebook Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Shawn Mahdavi August 31, 2012

I’ve got a huge treat for you today. Stacey Harmon, Principal of Harmon Enterprises and author of Facebook Page Marketing: Content Strategies for Real Estate sits down with me via Skype for an in depth interview on all things Facebook. In this interview you will get a great understanding of what exactly you should and… Continue Reading »


Borino Slivka – Expired Listings Strategies That You Can Do Today!

Shawn Mahdavi August 1, 2012

This was a fun interview with my favorite listing expert Borino Slivka. He’s got such a great story. He came to this country and fought his way to a successful real estate career. I love hearing his expired listing strategies and I know you will too. Below this video there is a link to a… Continue Reading »