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Money Mapping System for Building Wealth with Krisstina Wise

Shawn Mahdavi February 13, 2015

Who needs Dave Ramsey, David Bach, or Suze Orman when you’ve got Krisstina Wise!!! In Episode #29 Krisstina talks about her journey from humble beginnings to ultra success in real estate. She also breaks down her Money Mapping System for Building Wealth and shares her passion for helping entrepreneurs with their money. Make sure you… Continue Reading »


5 Power Systems for Real Estate Pros

Shawn Mahdavi December 14, 2014

This was a fun interview with expert mountaineer turned successful Realtor and real estate coach, Bob Cenk. Bob talks about how the challenges climbing mountains are very similar to building a real estate business. We also dive into his 5 Power Systems for real estate success. Bob is a very genuine guy. Enjoy this interview…. Continue Reading »