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Dirk Zeller – 4 Strategies to Growing Your Real Estate Business

Shawn Mahdavi March 22, 2013

This interview is going down as one of my favorites…and for a few reasons. Most important of of those reasons is the fact that Dirk is a great alignment in my life. He’s a man of God, real estate champion, and all around do-gooder. In this interview Dirk and I get real about what it… Continue Reading »


STOP Losing Leads!

Julie Baron Escobar March 14, 2012

Real Estate marketer Julie Escobar breaks down 4 lead incubation strategies for today’s savvy real estate pro.  Learn how to Stop Losing Leads and the how building a system can put you in a good place financially. Lead Incubation Strategies for Today’s Savvy Real Estate Pros By Julie Escobar However you are generating business leads,… Continue Reading »


Marketing Masters Interview with Dane Maxwell

Shawn Mahdavi March 12, 2012

Dane Maxwell CEO of absolutely CRUSHED this interview. We discuss building a reoccurring revenue business, the importance of knowing your audience AND how to bring value to them. He also breaks down how to live the perfect lifestyle, how to automate your business, knowing your market, and going with your gut. Dane Maxwell started… Continue Reading »