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Stop with All the Shiny Objects

Virginia Munden April 5, 2012

Real Estate is an ever changing industry and I am fortunate to know and understand that FOCUS is key. I try not to let anything influence the way I do business. I do not take things lightly in my practices and I try not to let the new vibe or flavor of the day influence the experience we offer to our clients. Our goal at THE WAYNE MUNDEN TEAM is to deliver the ULTIMATE REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE to each and every CLIENT!

Client focus is key.  Imagine it being anything other than that? Since the introduction of the Internet, Social Media, Tech Toys, Speakers & Coaches, there are many people (young if I may add) who are invading an industry I so much care about with the newest way to do business, make a lot of money and in the least amount of time. My advice is this, stay the course…and sway away.

I believe that the foundation of our business should be this, we need to be curators of our markets and remember the client only.  I am also a firm believer that PERFORMANCE is FUELLED by PASSION.  The strategies that I have put forth to help create a buzz for our brand and business are as follows:





The question is always HOW? Every CONVENTION I have attended, every SPEAKER (well most)  I have had the opportunity to listen to, every  TECHNOLOGY GADGET that has been introduced to our market and placed onto my lap has failed to provide the HOW. However, I do know and understand this,  in our ever changing industry, it is essential to stay ahead of the game…being authentic, relevant and competent all while remaining transparent, will get us ahead…and STAY THE COURSE don’t be swayed by the bright shiny object! I mean how many iPads can I have, how many Blackberries, iPhones, Applications, Video Cameras…stop it already!

Let’s talk SOCIAL now!

Is there really a thing called SOCIAL MEDIA? Or is it just a fancy smancy word for COMMUNICATION!  Don’t answer right away…think about it for a moment…like a telephone, an email, a fax, a scan, a text, a message, a pin etc, it is a way to communicate…there is no training for this.  Taking conversations on-line is a just another method of expressing ourselves. Remember these key words:






By being COMMITTED, (living, breathing and delivering) COMMUNICATING the CONTENT through CONTEXT to the market is essential in creating RETENTION through REPETITION. The CONSISTENCY through CONSTANT EVOLUTION is up to you…but again HOW? Social Platforms, Technology Gadgets, Mobile Applications, Video and now Game Playing are all forms or methods of which to use. They do need to be integrated into our business plan to remain current, however they are not the magic to making money, they are just vehicles of communication. Stay tune for more!.

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Virginia Munden
Virginia Munden

Virginia Munden is a licensed realtor who has been selling Real Estate for over 15 years in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. She's part of an award winning team, the #1 team at RE/MAX Aboutowne Realty Corp, Briarwood. ( and Her love for the business has grown into a passion, a deathly one, and because of that she created an extension to her real estate business at and soon Here, she offers all agents a foundation of the current way to do business. Keeping it simple is key and staying away from the noise is crucial to any success. We get caught up in so much that we fail to focus on who is important...THE CLIENT! View all posts by Virginia Munden →

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