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Julie Baron Escobar September 27, 2012

Success Comes to Those Who Are In for the Duration

By Julie Escobar

Now’s a good time to ask yourself…Are you an instant gratification kind of agent or one who’s in this business for the long haul?  Do you want ‘just now’ results or a career you can COUNT on and PLAN on to take you the distance and not just provide for yourself and your family – but provide well?

You’ve got to put the time in and PERSEVERE.  You’ve got to show up not just ONCE, but again and again and again.  You know that old saying out of sight – out of mind?  It’s especially true of customer relationships in today’s market.  In fact, statistics tell us it takes at LEAST three impressions for a consumer to recognize your name, seven to associate your name with your business, and twenty seven for them to like you, know you, trust you enough to do business with them.  I know – it’s not instant gratification – but it is the smart business practice if you want to be in real estate for the long haul.

So, let’s take a look at some smart strategies that can make succeeding faster (YES!), easier (Phew!) and more effective (Sounds good!).

Make it easy on yourself.  Delegate.  You get paid to get face-to-face and voice–to-voice with customers.  Your job is to wow them with what you can do for them – how you can make that easier, more profitable and fewer headaches.  Hard to do that when you’re still printing, cutting & stuffing envelopes.  Put a system in place to reach your customers at the very least every 4-6 weeks. And unless you’re interested in total SATURATION marketing, using a system like Every Door Direct Mail, then don’t try to reach EVERYONE.  Find that sweet spot of 250-1000 people in your sphere or farm that you can AFFORD to effectively contact every month.   We’ve worked hard to make that easy for you with hundreds and hundreds of ready-to-go campaigns that you can choose, calendar and then have peace of mind that this part of the puzzle is done – find out more here: Postcard Campaign Specials.

Use social media wisely.  The wonderful thing about social media is that it gives you the ability to communicate one-to-many.  Creating a blog or Facebook page to keep your sphere or neighborhood farm updated and informed is not only effective – it’s POWERFUL.  One of the people I know who are doing this best is Stacy Stateham.  She calls herself a “Corporate Life Escapee” and you can learn a lot from her.  Read more here…  (While you’re there check out the other articles in that series on social media!)

Network.  With the shifts in the economy & market – now is the perfect time to connect with smart, like-minded area business professionals and share ideas, strategies and – SPHERES.  Area CPAs can send you clients who are looking for good investments.  Attorneys handling divorce, estates and real estate holdings can send you buyers, sellers and leads.  Human Resource managers can use your expertise to help their employees  find homes and put down roots in a community.  In return – you have the ability to send your clients their way as well.  Great for you – great for your networking partners and great for the customers.  In times like these – people NEED referrals they can trust.  It makes them feel safe, cared for and re-affirms that they are making sound decisions for themselves and their families.  THAT is the kind of thing that cements relationships and creates a client for life.

Just some ideas and strategies to ponder this hot summer week.  If you’re one of our friends trying hard to stay cool in the blistering heat – be well and take care.  We’re thinking of you!

Know that if you need some help showing up – OVER and OVER – affordably, easily and without stress, our team is there for you.  Call us at 866.405.3638 today or email  We’ve got you covered!.

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