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See why Realbies (the world’s FIRST and ONLY all-access network pass for real estate agents) is breaking all the rules, spearheading innovation, and generating massive buzz.

We don’t consider ourselves as the “play by the rules” type… and we certainly don’t follow “old school” way of doing business. Nope, not at Realbies! Our focus is delivering proven business systems that build powerful lifestyle businesses. Here’s how we roll…

9 Reasons to Start Your $1.00 Trial TODAY

RealbiesPRO Reason #1: Everything At Your Fingertips:

Instant access to step-by-step training products showing you how to do everything from generate leads to recruiting agents and building a team. 100% proven and practical training that has previously sold for thousands of dollars. It’s all real stuff with zero crap.

RealbiesPRO Reason #2: Stay Fresh:

Keep your pulse on what’s working now. Every week – new short, fluff-free, straightforward and RealbiesPRO exclusive training videos will be added to the member’s area.

RealbiesPRO Reason #3: Keep Moving Forward:

Did I mention the weekly updated training videos are short? And less than 10 minutes each? We cut out all the fluff! Our Real-fluencers are too busy building businesses and living their lives than to sit around watching videos all day. Get your content and get out there so you can put it into action.

RealbiesPRO Reason #4: Keep It Real:

Our weekly Realbies videos not only feature world-class business/marketing experts – but there will be a strong focus on getting step-by-step instruction from people who started from zero and built powerful businesses. No hidden agenda, just abundance-minded fellow Real-fluencers who want to share their success strategies with you.

RealbiesPRO Reason #5: Stay Connected:

Meet fellow passionate real estate professionals 24/7. Our online groups are rocking and just one connection can truly change your life. You’re going to love the community.

RealbiesPRO Reason #6: Need a Hand?:

Got a question? Just login and ask. Your fellow RealbiesPRO members and the staff are here to help. Traffic? Tech? Site feedback? You name it – we got your back. Always.

RealbiesPRO Reason #7: We Are Givers:

Because we are honest with our message, we only attract entrepreneurs who care. People who want to build businesses that matter….a place where people give. Experience the positive energy.

RealbiesPRO Reason #8: You Are a Rock Star:

At RealbiesPRO EVERYONE is treated like the rock star you are. No levels of membership. No upsells. No “premium” groups. No restricted access. And no egos. One all-access pass gives you unrestricted access. Period.

RealbiesPRO Reason #9: Keepin’ It Simple:

Want to know the best part? Everything is so simple. Forget endless clicking.  Everything is here in one simple dashboard. Ahh… so refreshing.

Why is the cost so LOW???

As you can see, becoming a RealbiesPRO member is affordable. It’s what we call a true “no-brainer”.

Yes, we could easily charge $100 per month for everything we offer — and it would still be worth 20 times that amount. But instead, we have made it affordable for agents that are serious about building a business that matters.

See How
RealbiesPRO Has Changed the Game
The First “100% CLEAN OFFER”

Let’s get real, shall we? There are a lot of different business building and marketing programs. Some are good and some are not.

Here’s the truth. If you buy into the “guru” hype, expect to lay down $1,500 to $2,000 for their latest “course”. But there are some problems.

What does your $2,000 get you? No access to the person who created it. No way to have your questions answered. Virtually zero support once their “launch” is over and they are onto the next product. It’s never updated and the information soon becomes stale. And there’s no way to connect with other people.

RealbiesPRO is the FIRST 100% CLEAN OFFER:

What you see is what you get… which is EVERYTHING.

Other “marketing” products usually upsells to more expensive multi-thousands dollar coaching, masterminds and other products. Or their $97 PER MONTH “membership site” which quickly becomes a deserted ghost town as they have moved on to their next product.

Not at RealbiesPRO.  You have unlimited access to the entire membership. That means..

NO UPSELLS to other more expensive products.

NO LEVELS of membership.

NO HOLDING BACK content. You get it all. No catch.

NO “DRIPPED” CONTENT. Forget waiting weeks or months to access the training. You have complete access from the moment you first login.

NO GAMES AND NO HYPE. Just straightforward training without the fluff.

Yes, this way of doing business does cost us revenue – but we truly believe that if we deliver an incredible experience for our members, it will not only be good for our members, it will also be good for business.

You can quickly see why we are on the fast-track to becoming one of THE most visited real estate education sites!

Unlimited access to real products. Real community. Real support. Real businesses. Real updates. And we’re just scratching the surface.

All for about around $.30 cents per day (less than a pack of gum, for goodness sake). And our limited time lifetime pass is a fraction of that. We are literally talking pennies here, my friend.

PLEASE compare this to any other “real estate training” membership. I guarantee nothing will come even close to what we deliver, and they will likely be 3-5X more expensive.

You can see how passionate we are about this. I know it’s insane to give away so much for such a low price – but we are on a mission to impact 1,000,000 people. Join us today… the water is mighty fine…

Get your RealbiesPRO all-access pass today to receive INSTANT access to everything.

BTW, Did I mention that it only cost $1.00 to take a 14 day trial? Come in and try us out. Meet our Real-fluencers. Watch all the videos. And if you aren’t digging it – you can cancel anytime. No questions asked.

I’ll see you on the inside.

Shawn Mahdavi – Founder