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Melanie Duncan – Pinterest Marketing for Real Estate

Shawn Mahdavi October 1, 2012

Pinterest!!!! Are you using it? I’ll be honest and tell you that I was a very limited and casual user of this powerful social media platform UNTIL I met Melanie Duncan who has been using it to successfully grow her online and offline business. My biggest take away from this short interview was that Pinterest is the fast growing social media platform in existence and it drives more traffic that Facebook and Twitter.

As real estate agents, we’re always looking for the best ways to get more business. Pinterest is an amazing platform when used strategically to drive traffic! Just watch this special interview and make sure that you register for the Pinterest training that Melanie has agreed to do specially for the community. Enjoy!



Melanie Duncan is the founder of the Entrepreneuress Academy an online training site that teaches thousands of women across the world how to start and grow online businesses.

She started her first business in college and after struggling with trying to figure out how to get customers using the “old way” of marketing, she immersed herself in learning everything about online marketing from SEO and pay-per-click to social media. Within a year, she went from having a business in debt, to having a successful national brand.

Melanie now owns several successful online businesses that produce over 2 million dollars in annual revenue. Her businesses have been featured in New York Magazine and on top television shows like ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s The Nate Berkus Show.

She is an international award winning speaker and a leading expert on how to use social media’s hottest new platform, Pinterest, for business.

She lives in her favorite city in the world, NYC and effectively manages her Southern California based businesses remotely..

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