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Don’t Be A Secret Agent; How to be Found on Google

Shawn Mahdavi June 6, 2012

I’m often asked, “How the heck do you have so many search results in Google for your name?”  That question is usually followed by, “Can you help me do that?”

By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll learn how you can dominate Google for your name search using the same steps that I use.


If you are looking for “Instant Results”, go nuke a bowl of oatmeal.  That’s about the only way you are going to get something by pushing a button and waiting for 60 seconds.  These techniques do work, but it takes a little time for your efforts to saturate the web so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results as soon as you refresh your browser.

The benefits of having your name all over Google for your name search:

1.  IT’S EXTREMELY COOL—This is perhaps the biggest and most obvious reason to distinguish “You” as an Internet celebrity.  Perception is reality; when people search for you and see you all over the web, they’re like, “Wow, this person ROCKS!”

2.  Be Found—A prospect heard about an agent over dinner one night but couldn’t remember his last name.  So he goes to Google and types in John Williams, Frisco TX real estate (the agents real name is Johnny Williamson).  Well if Johnny has done his due diligence in branding himself on the web, then he’ll still be found.  If not, he’s outta luck.

3.  Make More Money – I shouldn’t have to sell you on the fact that having your name plastered all over the web increases traffic to entry points where people can be introduced to you and your product or service.  More traffic means more potential clients or customers, which means more sales, and therefore more cash.

By now, you should understand why this is important.  So what can you do to inundate Google with your name?

1.  Blog—I’ve been saying this for years and I’ll say it for 100 more if I live that long; blogging is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal to create brand awareness and deliver value to your audience.

  •—If you don’t already own your name as a URL, get it now before someone else does.  If you have a common name such as Bill Smith or Nancy Smith, there is a pretty good chance that the .com urls are already taken so you may need to get creative with something like “” or “” or even “”.  The key to remember is to make sure that your name is in the URL.
  • Create A Tag—Every blog post you write should be tagged appropriately with such terms as “real estate”, “market update”, etc., but it is also important (and often overlooked) to tag it with your name.
  • Get A By Line—Set yourself up as an author on your blog so your posts have your name rather than the name of the most prolific blogger on the web: “admin”.  Your blogs should work for you to increase your web presence and not just take up space.
  • Create A Bio—Every blog or website that you own should tell the reader who you are
  • Guest blog—A great way to drive traffic back to your blog, help with your name search, and generate goodwill is to create content for other blogs.

2.  Social Media—Duh!  Create social media profiles and watch how many of those come up in the search results. The top ones that rank for me are (in order of highest to lowest):

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook (personal page)
  • Facebook (fan page)
  • MySpace (old one that just won’t go away!!!)
  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Digg

3.  Join groups and/or membership sites—Groups within social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are great for generating search traffic.  Every time you publish a post or participate in a discussion, you are improving your rank; if the discussion is popular the impact can be huge.  Membership sites that you should be involved in include:

  • Active Rain—Blogs on this site tend to rank very highly.
  • Meetup–All Meetups that you participate in will rank on Google.
  • Local Chambers—These organizations typically have a public profile page that ranks on Google and your membership in it will allow you to benefit from their ranking.
  • Trade Associations–Local chapters of NAR often have a public profile page and if you sit on a board or committee, one is provided for you.

4.   YouTube—Video is everything in marketing these days!  If you’re not shooting videos your competitors are leaving you behind.  Google owns YouTube so implement these two strategies to improve your video’s ranking.

  • Include Your Name In Your Video Title (when it makes sense)—Example: When I get a testimonial I title of the video:  “Testimonial from Chad Goldwasser for Shawn Mahdavi.”  (You can see that video here btw.
  • Tag The Video With Your Name—Any tags are used for search engine optimization so just as you would tag your blog posts, you should also take advantage of this opportunity to tag your videos.

Now that you have been given the goose that lays the golden eggs, take action to become more visible on the web and develop your Internet celebrity status.  Go to these sites I mentioned, sign up, get involved, and you will soon reap the fruits of your labor.

Once your target audience finds you, you’ll have to know how to handle all this new traffic in order to tap into the potential rewards.  That, my friend, is a different post for a different day, so stay tuned..

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