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Marketing Masters Interview with Gary Elwood

Shawn Mahdavi March 12, 2012

This is another content packed interview with a veteran real estate marketer and technology leader. Gary Elwood is super passionate and you can tell on this call because he immediately jumps right into talking about maximizing your ROI, mobile marketing, and how to get the phone to ring. He’s developed powerful technologies that have been helping real estate professional for years so enjoy our time together.

Gary is President and CEO of Proquest Technologies and Senior Editor of “The Real Estate Insider” e-News, which goes out to over 287,000 real estate agents across the United States and Canada – twice monthly.

Gary has been consulting real estate agents and lenders for over 16 years and his biggest claim to fame is that he’s educated, taught and coached more agents on how to profitably use call capture marketing in their real estate businesses than anyone else on the face of the planet.

Not only is his opt-in newsletter read by nearly 300,000 agents monthly, but his company has personally coached and advised over 26,000 paying clients. Currently 8 of his clients are in the top 100 in the world according the Wall Street Journal and a study done by the Baylor University School of Business proved conclusively that the methods Gary teaches are dollar-for-dollar the single most profit marketing strategy in existence for real estate agents today…right now…in today’s market.

There are clear reasons why Gary’s ideas work and success leaves clues. Gary is the real estate industry’s foremost expert on how to make money with call capture and mobile marketing..

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