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Free Tool: If This Then That

Nick Carpenter March 28, 2012

How many online profiles and information sources are you managing in your real estate business? There is a new web service which allows you to create thousands of possible combinations with the phrase “If This Then That”.

Think of all the possibilities you could come up with if you were able to define any task as: when something happens (this) then do something else (that)If This Then That ( is an unbelievable, free tool to automate tons of stuff for you automatically based on a one time setup called a “task” or “recipe”.

The need to maintain multiple profiles across many platforms – each with their own username, password, and details – can quickly become overwhelming. Simple tasks now take more time in order to make the same changes on several profiles for consistency. Let’s see how If This Then That comes in as our secret backend tool:


  1. Profile Picture. If I update my Facebook profile picture then update my Twitter picture.
  2. Website Blog Post. If a new blog is posted on your website have the article posted on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.
  3. Photos. Save Facebook photos you are tagged in to  Dropbox. Share Facebook photos on Tumblr or Posterous.
  4. Weather Alerts. Receive SMS text or email updates on the weather every morning.
  5. Save Tweets. Send your favorite’d tweets to Dropbox or Evernote for permanent storage.
  6. Delayed Twitter Response. Set a delayed response if someone mentions or RT you.

If This Then That is a fun (and useful) tool that will eliminate some of the STUFF you have to do everyday and help keep you organized and focused.

We’ll show you how easy it is to get up and running your If This Then That account:

Come back and share your first task in the comments so someone else can try your idea..

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