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How to Make Money and Save Time with Evernote

Melinda Enfinger January 20, 2014

Some people just seem to get more out of everything and Garry Wise of the Good Life Team in Austin, TX is the epitome of this truth. In his interview with Realbies Co-founder, Shawn Mahdavi, Garry shares some of the most powerful ways that he uses technology in his ultra-successful real estate business.

Now, that might actually sound like just hype if it weren’t for the fact that his ingenious methods have made even the creators of this technology sit up and take notice. After learning of his success, Apple (yes, THAT Apple) approached Garry and created a case study about his team and the way they use mobile tech in real estate.

The creators of Evernote have also been impressed with the way Garry and his team have so perfectly matched the productivity app with superior service to streamline real estate transaction processes , virtually eliminate paper waste, and reduce the time and effort required for each transaction.

If you want a piece of the good life for your real estate business, this is a must-see interview!



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