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Dirk Zeller – 4 Strategies to Growing Your Real Estate Business

Shawn Mahdavi March 22, 2013

This interview is going down as one of my favorites…and for a few reasons. Most important of of those reasons is the fact that Dirk is a great alignment in my life. He’s a man of God, real estate champion, and all around do-gooder. In this interview Dirk and I get real about what it takes to be successful in business. Dirk breaks it down to 4 points that agents struggle with most. Enjoy, please share, and make comments below.

Dirk Zeller is President of Real Estate Champions. He is recognized as the premier coach for the real estate industry. Dirk has developed a system that takes “regular” Agents and “regular” Managers and transforms them into Champion Agents and Managers.
Real Estate Champions coaching systems are built around Dirk’s incredible success as one of the Top Agents in all of North America.

Dirk’s biggest claim to fame was his ability to close over 150 transactions annually while working Monday through Thursday and taking Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.

When Dirk speaks he touches his audience with focus, intensity, passion enthusiasm and integrity. Dirk’s conviction of belief is that anyone can achieve excellence in life and business. His presentations and workshops are backed by experience in real estate, advertising, sales and as a professional athlete.

Dirk Zeller has been described by many industry insiders as the most successful agent in terms of high production with life balance.

Dirk is one of the most published authors in success and sales training in the real estate industry with over 200 published articles to his credit. His Coaches Corner weekly newsletter has over 150,000 subscribers. His “First Year In Real Estate” book on real estate sales is the most widely read “how to” book for beginning Agents.


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