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Have YOU Ever Met A Seller Who Doesn’t Want More??

Melinda Enfinger July 11, 2012

I read a post on Active Rain today about handling multiple offers.  The author was bemoaning the practice many buyers’ agents have of asking if there are multiple offers.  His argument is and I quote, “Whether or not we have multiple offers is none of your business!”  The rationale being that he works for the… Continue Reading »


Marketing Targeted To Personality Types Increases Influence And Effectiveness

Melinda Enfinger June 15, 2012

Marketers devote countless hours and gobs of money to the continual improvement of their marketing messages.  In 2012, it is projected that nearly $530 billion will be spent on marketing campaigns worldwide.  The standard advice that you will hear from coaches, trainers, and experienced marketers is to focus on a particular demographic or niche, but… Continue Reading »