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Save Time, Make Money, and Get Referrals with Garry Wise

Shawn Mahdavi July 29, 2013

Garry Wise of The Goodlife Team in Austin, Texas talks about how to become a Paperless Agent. In this interview Garry discusses how the save time, make money, and get more referrals with your iPad. EXCLUSIVE PAPERLESS TRAINING WEBINAR >> Not Open Right Now EXCLUSIVE PAPERLESS TRAINING WEBINAR >> Not Open Right Now Real estate… Continue Reading »


Josh Schoenly – 3 Principles of Lead Generation

Shawn Mahdavi March 19, 2013

Josh Schoenly with and Lone Wolf Technologies outdoes himself here. He breaks down lead generation into it’s simplest of form. The 3 principles that he reveals should be implemented not only by real estate agents but entrepreneurs all over the globe! Towards the end he gives us a little bonus content and talks about… Continue Reading »


Melanie Duncan – Pinterest Marketing for Real Estate

Shawn Mahdavi October 1, 2012

Pinterest!!!! Are you using it? I’ll be honest and tell you that I was a very limited and casual user of this powerful social media platform UNTIL I met Melanie Duncan who has been using it to successfully grow her online and offline business. My biggest take away from this short interview was that Pinterest… Continue Reading »


Jacob Swodeck – Mastering the Short Sale Game

Shawn Mahdavi September 7, 2012

You guys asked for a short sale expert so here you go! Jacob Swodeck took a few minutes to unleash his knowledge about short sales…how to do them, what to look for, and most importantly how to leverage resources in your marketplace to profit from this lucrative niche. Enjoy! Jacob Swodeck occupies a unique niche… Continue Reading »