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Borino Slivka – Expired Listings Strategies That You Can Do Today!

Shawn Mahdavi August 1, 2012

This was a fun interview with my favorite listing expert Borino Slivka. He’s got such a great story. He came to this country and fought his way to a successful real estate career. I love hearing his expired listing strategies and I know you will too. Below this video there is a link to a special webinar that Borino and I are doing, so please register today! If it’s not there, then it’s past so please be on the lookout for another link to appear. Enjoy!

More about Borino: He’s the founder of Borino Productions, author of Gravity PLUS, and the man known throughout the industry as “THE Expired Guru”.

Borino’s story is as inspiring as they come; he immigrated to the US at an early age and at the time he was broke, had no education, no business skills, and could barely speak English.

Talk about starting out with nothing but a dream and a desire to be successful! He tried the real estate game, but after a few years of struggling with the old ways of doing things, he literally ended up on the street.

Seriously, he actually slept in his car. I don’t think he’ll mind me sharing that with you because it was that experience that propelled him to success.

He was tired of doing the same things and getting the same results, so he began focusing on finding a more effective way to find people who truly want to buy or sell.

He learned how to easily and effectively get their attention, how to gain their trust, and convert them into clients. He also learned that there was a much easier and effective way to contact and communicate with them.

Within a year of implementing the secrets he discovered, he moved from his car to a condo with a pool, he was driving a new car, and vacationing in Europe!

His first course, The Expired PLUS was the culmination of these experiences and discoveries.

His latest program, The Mind Matrix PLUS, helps eliminate procrastination, limiting beliefs, and quickly re-programs the subconscious mind for success, focus, wealth, inner power, and self-esteem.

Today, he has been in marketing and training for almost twenty years. He has taught his strategies to over 8,000 real estate agents all over the world..

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