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Time Management Tactics & the Difference an Hour Makes

Julie Baron Escobar April 4, 2012

Time management is probably one of the biggest struggles agents face today.  Check out this post that Julie Escobar wrote about way to overcome the “I don’t have any time” blues. Time – as they say is LIFE.  It’s also a powerful stepping stone to success.  Sales professionals eager to get more than just “now”… Continue Reading »


Six Silent Roadblocks to Success

Julie Baron Escobar March 22, 2012

This is a very insightful conversation between Julie Escobar and Connie Podesta about how to overcome the top six roadblocks to a successful real estate career.  It’s neat to see the synergy between these influencers and understand their passion for helping agents.  Real estate pros, pay attention to the little things.  That’s where the big… Continue Reading »


The Key to Building Momentum

Julie Baron Escobar March 22, 2012

As you start to read this article, please understand that keeping the momentum going is something that every real estate professional faces at some point in their career.  Floyd Wickman really puts it into perspective here when he writes about staying focused and having a balanced life.  Enjoy and make a comment below. Keep Your… Continue Reading »


Marketing Tools for Driving Traffic OFFLINE to ONLINE

Julie Baron Escobar March 14, 2012

This article is really great because Julie Escobar gives us some great marketing tools for driving offline traffic online. Every real estate agent needs to learn these techniques so take some great notes and please implement. We’re looking forward to hearing about your successes! How to Use a Successful Mix of Marketing Tools to Drive… Continue Reading »