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4 Ways Google Alerts Can Save Agents Time

Nick Carpenter June 7, 2012

Agents have a million responsibilities so when I find a tool that can save them time or money, I share it.

GOOGLE ALERTS is a free service that will send you emails when keywords you choose are mentioned online. Using this service will help you stay on top of your marketing, know what your competition is doing, and make you better able to respond to any press you receive.

There are four immediate uses of Google Alerts for every Real Estate Agent or Loan Officer:

1. Online Reputation Management – Create a search for your name and your company’s name and be notified anytime you are mentioned online. This will help you read anything someone published online and share the good and respond to the negative.

2. Content Inspiration – You can have searches for keyword phrases that interest you come once a day. Browse the daily emails for inspiration on topics to create content. Some search examples could include: real estate, real estate market, city state, state mortgage, or city state events. Find a few “non real estate” topics to write  about that can bring your personality into your marketing.

3. Stalk Your Competition – Don’t you want to know what your competition is up to? We all do and this is a sneaky way to do it. Use an alert with their name and you’ll always know what they are doing online.

4. Track Your Content – If you are creating weekly content for your blog you should consider creating an alert for the blog title or specific sentence to see if your blog is posted other places online. Having an alert for your domain name should let you know when Google indexes, or finds, your new articles.

Setting up Google Alerts is really simple!

Step 1: The easiest thing is to search “google alerts”

Step 2: I recommend using “All results” for your name and your content and using “Only the best results” for the other searches.

Do you have another idea how to use Google Alerts for Realtors?

Share it in the comments below!.

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